Welcome to the College of Humanities and Social Science
The College of Humanities and Social Sciences is a college for research and education of basic and applied studies in the humanities and social science fields.
The college consists of 4 departments (schools): Department of Business Administration in the social science area, Department of English and Department of Creative Writing in humanities area, and Department of Liberal Arts which is responsible for liberal and major basic subjects.
Each department has basic and major subjects to respond to the changing flow of the times, and there are equipment, computer laboratories, liberal studies reference rooms, and high-tech lecture theaters to effective educate various majors.
Diverse compositions and diverse colors of study
The College of Humanities and Social Sciences has diverse colors of study together with diverse compositions.
It is an open chapter for communication filled with enthusiasm to search for the truth, while encountering a unique academic world for each area with autonomous and active ardor for study in a liberal research environment. In addition, based on wide and extensive liberal education such as history, philosophy, politics, economics, sociology, education, mathematics, and physics, the humanities and social sciences are taught to cultivate human resources to lead our society equipped with comprehensive intelligence.
Acquire practical knowledge

College of Humanities and Social Sciences concentrates on the application and commercialization of studying as well as education for pure learning. Therefore, in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, it is possible to acquire high-level practical knowledge required by our society.
The College of Humanities and Social Sciences is a place to experience the real value of genuine learning, and is a warm home where one’s dreams and ideals can be realized.


Dean of the College of Humanities & Social Sciences     JaeHoo, Lee